Through the Scapes of Your Memory
Andréanne Godin

February 28th to April 11th, 2015

Andréanne Godin
00 – Champ, from the series Descriptions de paysages
Graphite powder on Arches paper, 61 x 61cm / 24 x 24 in, 2014
*Photo credit: Paul Litherland


Photos credit: Studio Lux



To abstract the landscape, to glimpse it through a flow of borrowed words, spaces, and objects. To perceive it from the corner of our eye when it has almost left the periphery of our gaze, where it is lodged in spite of us. The image is randomly revived by a place, a being, a thing …

“A line crosses the space at mid-height. It sways to the rhythm of the elements that come across its trajectory, then abruptly ends when it meets a triangular mass occupying the far-right side of the scene. It is impossible to perceive the component parts of this mass because, tightly packed together, they let no light through.

A row of similar items, but of different sizes and textures, is erected in the north-south axis. Acting as a barrier dividing the space at two-thirds of its length, it blocks our view in the foreground but gradually diminishes in the distance.

Two horizontal planes constitute the rest of the image. The first, tangible, supports all the elements described above; the other, simultaneously present and absent, extends as far as the eye can see.”

Andréanne Godin


The artist would like to thank Nicole Gingras and the Hnatyshyn Foundation for their financial support through the Charles Pachter Prize for emerging Canadian artists. She would also like to thank Christopher Boyne, Diane St-Jacques, Jacquelyn Hébert, Stéphanie Matte, Maude Léonard-Contant, Jake Moore and Sarah Barr for their generous contribution, and to Jamie Robson and Maya Ersan from Atelier Make, and Mathieu Cournoyer from Bureau Principal. Finally, a special thank you to Atelier Clark and Mitch Mitchell for their support.

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