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Sculptors’ Drawings
November 1 to 29, 2014

Philippe Caron Lefebvre
Philippe Caron-Lefebvre, “Gloire”, 2014, Graphite on paper, 56 x 56 cm / 22 x 22 in.

Galerie Nicolas Robert is pleased to present “Sculptors’ Drawings”, from November 1st to 29th, 2014.

Displaying works by Philippe Caron-Lefebvre, Chloé Desjardins, Marc Dulude, Emily Hermant, Jennifer Lupien, Mitch Mitchell, Roland Poulin, Yannick Pouliot and Simone Rochon, ”Sculptors’ Drawings” exhibition allows us, as viewers, to perceive space as an otherwise creative medium. The tension and contradiction between physical volumes and drawn volumes foster new points of perceptions and thoughts : which dimensions can paper reach? Shouldn’t the drawing be considered as a narrative and mimetic approach to a carved volume in progress, or can it become an object on its own? There is a dialogue between works, and drawings create new fictional spaces that sometimes appear larger than the sculpture itself. Between story-telling and experiences on surface, the sculptors’ drawings provide us a new understanding of these two art forms strengthened in their duality and complementarity, and reveal before the viewer the didactic aspect of these works, which by the sculptors’ anticipation, will be deployed in space.

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