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Dust Is Black
Mitch Mitchell

November 5 to December 24, 2016

All That Remains

“Filling, mixing, adding and deleting are many actions expressing a narrative for the transformation of simple materials. Repetitive labour of the human hand becomes the main component in the sculptural works presented in Dust is Black as time, process and alchemy are seen through rituals of accumulation and deletion.”
- Mitch Mitchell 

After the presentation of I Will Meet You In The Sun at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in April 2016, Mitch Mitchell continues to investigate effects of labour on materials charged by a “democratic history”. Flour, rust, paper and wax are here seen under multiple lenses touching ideas of consumption, trade, industry, economy, poverty and war. Here, that which can be reproduced embodies an indulgence of labour, and Mitchell invites us to venture into territories of melancholia, madness, psychosis as well as meditative ones.

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